2009 Chevy Malibu vs 1959 Chevy Bel Air

We always hear people saying their old boat of a car would crush their new plastic one if they ever got into a crash.  If anyone stopped to think about it they’d realize we have decades of advances in safety and materials under our belts since then.  For those that need to see the proof with their own eyes the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety put things to the test.

The text at the end reads:

“According to safety engineers at the scene, the driver of the 2009 Chevy Malibu would likely have suffered slight knee injury.

The driver of the 1959 Chevrolet Bel Air would have died instantly.

We salute the insurance industry and The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for their continuing efforts to reduce deaths, injuries, and property damage on our nation’s roads.”

Certainly makes you appreciate how far things have come.

This came to me attached to an email, but if anyone knows where the credit for this video is due, leave us a comment or head over to Wolpert.com.

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