Absolute Defenses – Authority Of Law

Here is another great explanation of a complicated insurance topic from our own Bob Milsop.

This is the second in a series on Absolute Defenses we started last week.  Here he explains exactly what is meant by “Authority Of Law.”

Common Carrier Liability

Absolute Defenses

Authority of Law

While a common carrier is held to the highest standard of care – that of a “virtual insurer” of the goods, he is not expected to defy seizure under legal process or confiscation for the public good [food, blankets, clothing, drugs and pharmaceuticals, etc.] following a natural disaster by public authority.

Generally, shipments will frequently be seized or impounded for one or more of the following reasons:

● counterfeit [usually imported] merchandise

● as evidence following theft or other crime

● part of an illicit drug seizure

The law appears clear that once property is taken from the carrier’s custody by authority of law [whether by actual or apparent authority], the carrier has a duty to immediately contact the beneficial owner and advising details and circumstances.

So if the government seizes something that you are transporting you’re off the hook!

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