Toyota Recall Information

We mentioned it last week but for those who haven’t heard Toyota has issued a significant recall on vehicles featuring sticky gas pedal and breaking issues.

A quick summary from CNNMoney reads:

Which cars are involved? The stuck-pedal recall of 2.3 million vehicles announced last week affects Toyota’s 2009-2010 RAV4, Corolla and Matrix models; the 2005-2010 Avalon; 2010 Highlander; 2007-2010 Tundra and the 2008-2010 Sequoia; and some 2007-2010 Camrys (only those with gas pedal assemblies made by a specific Toyota supplier; your dealer can check). No Lexus or Scion models are involved.

Many dealers are completely booked and getting your vehicle repaired or replaced may take days.  That doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t drive until then.  If you think your vehicle is one involved in the recall but need it to get around for the time being, Canada’s CTV has an emergency stopping technique worth trying out.

Our recommendation is to drive on an empty stretch of road, then put your foot to the floor. You do it for a second or two and then shift into neutral.

It’s going to sound very noisy because your engine will be racing. When that happens, take your foot off the gas and bring your car to a stop gently.

After you’re done practicing, you should use this technique in case of sudden acceleration while you drive. Do not try to fight the car while it is in gear.

Of course, if you haven’t done so already, get in touch with your dealer as soon as possible.

For complete information go to Toyota’s recall page.

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  1. These Toyota recalls are doing a great deal of harm to their premium brand. more than 2 million motorcars in the United States to sort out sticking accelerator pedals. over 4 million vehicles in the US to fix pedals getting lodged under floor mats. 690,000 autos in China owing to faulty electrical window switches. Toyota ceo on TV to apologise for recall and still the press highlight problems as the company gets more anxious. I question how much brand value this has cost them.

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