Daily Recap: Things We Didn’t Post

There’s always stuff throughout the day that gets a link on Facebook or a Retweet but never makes it to the blog.  Rather then let it go unnoticed, we’re gonna start gathering it all right here.

DOT Crafts Sample Bill and Language To Help States Ban Texting While Driving

Passing nationwide legislation is an incredibly hard thing to get done.  The idea that the government shouldn’t tell us what we can and can’t do is a hard one to get past.  The hope here is that by putting already written legislation in the state’s hands, the remaining 31 who have not passed bans on texting while driving will finally do so.

The Truth About Toyota, the NHSTA and State Farm

There’s probably a lot we still don’t know about this Toyota recall.  The Detroit News seems to have come across some of it, though.  The NHSTA is taking a lot of the blame for not doing all it could to regulate the auto industry.  The conversation is sure to continue for a long time before anything gets fully resolved.

Toyota Boasted Saving $100 Million on Recall

Even more on the Toyota recall.  Maybe it’s inappropriate to think about money when people’s lives are involved, maybe it’s just a part of sustaining a business, or maybe we have the context all wrong.

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