Mass RMV Announces Branch Administrative Fee for Registration Transaction

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RMV Announces Branch Administrative Fee for Registration Transactions

According to a Training Update received from the Registry, effective March 1, 2010, the RMV will begin charging a $5 branch administrative fee for all registration renewal or duplicate transactions that the customer choose to process at a branch or with a telephone center representative, when he/she could have processed the transaction online, by mail, or by using the RMV’s automated phone system. For the purposes of this fee, AAA offices are treated like branches. Therefore, renewal and duplicate transactions conducted in AAA offices will be subject to this fee.

How Will the Fee be Presented to Customers?

Customer advertising, including RMV-2 forms, will not list this branch administrative fee separately, but rather the stated renewal or duplicate fee will be listed as $5 greater. For example, the RMV-2 materials will indicate that the renewal fee for a passenger normal registration is $55 (which is the $50 registration fee plus the $5 branch administrative fee). Such advertising will advise customers that they may save $5 by processing their transaction over the Internet, by mail, or through our automated phone system. Keep in mind that these RMV-2 forms will be received by customers prior to March 1st.

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