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Senate votes unemployment benefits, highway funds

Late Tuesday night the Senate approved $10 billion in stopgap funding for highway programs.  This will extent unemployment benefits for another 30 days for an estimated 200,000.

National Flood Insurance Program Temporarily restored.

The Senate also passed a measure extending the National Flood Insurance Program until March 28th.

Eye on Trucking: Comments regarding new HOS continue to mount; most prefer more flexibility

Discussion continues on the Hours Of Service rules and how to balance safety with flexibility for drivers.

Commonwealth Conversations: Consumer Connections: Weighing in on Small Business [Health] Insurance

Rises in health care costs can make it hard to do business for many smaller companies, and often means the difference between making a profit and closing their doors completely.

Mass. AG Coakley Opposes Proposed Workers’ Compensation Rate Hike

Attorney General Martha Coakley opposes a requested Workers’ Compensation rate hike.

Massachusetts Worker’s Compensation Premium Rates Could Rise

The Workers’ Compensation Rating and Inspection Bureau requests a 4.5% rate increase.

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