Oil Heating System Upgrade and Insurance [Follow Up]

We wrote a while back about a new law taking effect July 1st which requires that measures be taken to upgrade some oil heating systems installed before 1990.  There have been a few question on specifics, and we have some (though not all) of the answers.

Endorsements will be issued as your policy comes up for renewal.  Minimum coverage per occurrence will be $50,000 for first-party claims and $200,000 for third-party claims with a deductible of no more than $1,000 as dictated in the bill.

All inspections must be conducted by a licensed oil burner technician and submitted to the fire department for record.  Proof of passed inspection is also required before a policy can be issued.

Rates?  We are working on that one ourselves.

Exact safety standards that need to be met?  We are working on that one as well.  In fact we have our oil company coming out to inspect our own home so we can be sure exactly what will make us compliant with this new law.  As far as we can tell that means a shutoff valve at the tank and a protective metal sleeve over the fuel line.  We’ll know for sure soon enough.

We will update you again as we get all of the answer.  Until then you can leave any questions in the comments or head to Wolpert.com for anything else.

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