Bikes and Cars: Same Road, Same Rules

It might just be that I am young and have lived in the city and used a bike as my primary mode of transportation for years, but it’s always shocking the dynamic between riders and drivers on the road. Drivers often have no idea what rights a cyclists has, yelling at them to ride on the sidewalk or move out of their way and sometimes even acting aggressively with their vehicles. It is easy to forget that you are sitting inside a two ton cage that can kill anything it hits. Cyclists don’t know what’s going on half the time either. In fact that is a big part of the problem as well.

So what rights to cyclists have on the roads? This question is a lot easier to answer than you might think. They have exactly the same rights as a car. I am going to say that again, bikes have the same rights to the road as cars.

Which brings us to this:

In response to the sharp rise in bicycle commuters and recreational bicyclists, MassBike, in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, the Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, the Department of Conservation and Recreation and the Department of Public Health, has launched a new safety campaign to educate both bicyclists and motorists about the role of bicycles on the state’s roads.

The centerpiece of the “Same Road, Same Rules” campaign is an educational website unveiled today.

You can read the full article on the Commonwealth Conversation Transportation Blog as well.

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