Crash Prevention Training and Discounts

It’s hard to react on the highway when you see an accident about to happen. At highway speeds there’s no time to think about what kind of evasive action will get you out of trouble. Even if you know exactly what you’re supposed to do, chances are you’ve never been in a position to try it before.

In Control Crash Prevention Training is offering a course on crash prevention skills and safe driving techniques to let you do just that. Held on a closed course, drivers are able to practice highway speed emergency manuevers that could one day save their lives.

“This intense and highly effective training will benefit our policyholders and help make our Massachusetts roads safer for everyone,” said Edward C. Ruhl, regional vice president at The Hanover Insurance Group.

Participants learn techniques for defensive driving, steering and speed control, emergency lane changes, emergency braking (including ABS), dealing with tailgating, increasing spatial awareness and backing up skills, driving in hazardous conditions, rapid decision-making, and dealing with distractions including text messaging.

This is the only course of its kind certified in Massachusetts. The regular price for the course is $299 but all Hanover Insurance Group customers and family members will receive a $100 discount. Worth it at either price when the figures show a 70% decrease is crash rates for those who participate.

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[via: Hanover]


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