Mass Safe Driving Law in Effect September 30th

Massachusetts Department of TransportationThe new Safe Driving Law is finally here in all its glory. Effective in Massachusetts on September 30th are new regulations on text-messaging, junior operators, and license renewals.

Texting while driving is officially done for. The ban includes all drivers and a fine for every offense. If you use a mobile device to read or write while you’re driving you’re now breaking the law.

Junior operators don’t get to use a phone while they drive at all unless they’re reporting an emergency. Now an emergency isn’t explicitly spelled out, but calling your friend cause you really need to know what song is on the radio surely doesn’t count. Not only will you be fined, but even the first offense will get you a 60-day license suspension. In fact for your first offense you get the privilege of $100 fine, a license suspension, a class telling you what you did wrong, and another $100 fee to reinstate your license.

Even those over 18 will be getting a fine if they take both hands off the wheel while they are on a cell phone. If you’re shocked by the idea of driving with your knees (or you chin or chest maybe?) instead of your hands than you’re not living on the same planet I am. Picture a cell phone on the shoulder, a coffee in one hand, and writing or putting on makeup with the other.

The elderly aren’t left off the Safe Driving Law either. If you’re over 75 and need to renew your license you have to do it in person at the RMV and prove that you can still see (whether by taking a vision test there or providing your own screening certificate). I have a hard time driving at night, forget driving blind.

There are plenty of specifics on this law if you’re looking for any. Some offenses get you an insurance surcharge and others don’t so watch out. Your MA auto insurance may take a hit if you break any of these new rules.

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