‘Tis the Season for Snow Removal

Helping to keep roads safe this Winter? Due to the recent Massachusetts Supreme Court Ruling, here are some tips to keep in mind to help reduce your liability as you plow your way through the snowy season:

These measures will limit or eliminate your duty to constantly monitor each site; the intent is to keep key snow-removal decisions in the hands of the owner.

Contract TIPS:

  • Specify that the work will be performed on an “on-call” basis, rather than an “as necessary” or “after two inches of snowfallbasis.
  • Make measurable statements. If the owner will not consent to an “on-call” agreement, arrange the contract to specify wording such as, “Parking lots will be plowed prior to 9:00 am” or “…when snowfall exceeds two inches, unless otherwise advised by owner”.
  • If there is a contract to perform snow plowing after a certain depth of snowfall, state that the owner must specifically request all additional work to be done (i.e. salting, sanding, etc.).

If plowing is part of your snowy season and Worcester MA Auto Insurance policy, and you would like more information, visit our website, wolpert.com.

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