Potholes, Potholes EVERYWHERE!!!

As the winter snow and ice begin to melt, unpleasant potholes can begin to appear, becoming a threat to vehicles.Pothole

Major winter storms have affected much of the country this season. While many motorists’ cars have made it through the winter storm season unharmed, many could still fall victim to a pothole left in its aftermath.

said John Nielsen, director, AAA Auto Repair and Buying Programs.

Potholes form when water collects in small holes and cracks in the road surfaces. As temperatures rise and fall, the water expands and contracts due to freezing and thawing, causing “breaks” in the pavement. These breaks combined with the weight of passing cars will eventually result in what one might call a “pothole”, among many other creative names.

To help motorists protect their vehicles from pothole damage, AAA recommends the following:

  • Inspect tires (Make sure tires have enough tread and are properly inflated.)
  • Inspect suspension (Make sure struts and shock absorbers are in good condition.)
  • Look Ahead (Make a point of checking the road ahead for potholes.)
  • Slow Down (If a pothole cannot be avoided, reduce speed safely, being sure to check the rearview mirror before any abrupt braking.)
  • Beware of Puddles (Use care when driving through puddles and treat them as though they may be hiding potholes.)
  • Check Alignment (If your vehicle starts to pull left or right, be sure to have the wheel alignment checked by a qualified technician.)
  • Recognize Noise/Vibrations (Any new/unusual noises/vibrations that appear after hitting a pothole should be inspected immediately by a qualified technician.)

Pesky Potholes
AAA clubs can be visited on the internet at AAA.com/news

In the case your automobile should fall victim to a pothole, make sure your vehicle is properly insured to help cover any pesky pothole damage.

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