Hey Truckers- Were You Aware There’s a New Tool to Check Your Tire Wear?

K-Line Industries, a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket supplier of specialty tools and tooling systems for the turf, agricultural, construction, and heavy truck and equipment markets has made available a tool that guarantees to help eliminate irregular tire wear, ride vibration and lengthen the life-cycle of commercial tires. The Tire Runout Gauge measures both circular and side tire wear conditions to help fleets keep tire costs under control.

The gauge uses a roller wheel which is placed against the tire tread in combination with a gauge bar, individual low and high spot sliders and magnified measurement readout that shows the amount of wear present.

Wear that exceeds limits can indicate a bent or slanted rim, poorly adjusted wheel bearings, improper tire bead seating, tire flat spots or improperly tightened rim clamps and rear rim spacers.

The Tire Runout Gauge is designed as a precautionary tool that can result in quicker identification of possible problems before they turn into early tire removal and unnecessary additional costs.

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Motor Carriers and Truckers Alike: Whether Making Deliveries Day or Night, Make Sure to Park Safely; Out of Other Motorist’s Line of Sight!

Recently, a jury verdict decided that the driver of a legally parked tractor-trailer truck is responsible to care for those injured in an accident when the tractor-trailer obstructed the vision of passing motorists.

Although parked legally, the tractor-trailer was parked close to an intersection, blocking the view of oncoming traffic. The location of the truck caused a pick-up truck to collide with a motorcyclist; a lawsuit was then filed against the tractor-trailer driver, the driver of the pick-up and the state in which the accident occured for causing personal injury. The plaintiffs won the suit, ending in fault charges against the tractor-trailer, pick-up truck and even the state of occurance.

Evidence of the parked tractor-trailer showed that drivers of such trucks should be professionally trained, (if they are not already) to be aware of its location and the risk of blocking other driver’s view when parking. At the time of the accident, the truck was parked at a high-speed, well-traveled intersection; a safe parking spot was available “around the corner”.

The significance of the Court’s ruling is substantial as it effectively acknowledges that truck drivers to account for the sight lines of passing vehicles, regardless of the legality of the parking location.

Transportation companies should instruct their drivers to seek parking locations that are a safe distance from active [roadways], particularly with adjacent intersections.

Article writer, Brad Hughes

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Insurers: What to do When an Insured Fights for Their Right to an At-Fault Determination Reversal

On November 16, 2010, Joseph G. Murphy, Commissioner of Insurance, posted a bulletin explaining the necessary steps insurers must take if their at-fault determination gets reversed by the Board of Appeals (BOA), a clerk magistrate or judge.

If a reversal is issued and the operator is not a policyholder, or no longer a policyholder, of the insurer that made the at-fault determination, the operator bears the responsibility of informing his current insurer of such reversal if the operator seeks a premium adjustment.  The BOA will inform the operator of this obligation in the notice of reversal it sends to the operator.  The operator must send this notice of reversal to the insurer within 45 days of its issuance.  An operator is not entitled to a premium adjustment if the insurer did not factor the at-fault determination into its premium calculation.

An insurer shall adjust the premium associated with an at-fault determination within 30 days after receiving notice of a reversal of that determination.  The premium shall be calculated in accordance with the insurer’s rates and rules in effect when the at-fault determination was made.  If the operator is a policyholder of the insurer at the time of the reversal and at the time of the request for an adjustment, the insurer shall refund or credit any difference in premium associated with the at-fault determination to the operator.  Any premium owed to an operator that is no longer insured by the insurer when it receives such reversal notification shall be sent to the address identified by the operator in connection with his request for a premium adjustment.

An insurer must also report to the Merit Rating Board, as well as all collection agencies previously notified of an original at-fault determination, within 15 days of the reversal notification from the BOA, judge, etc.

For more updates on Massachusetts Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation, check out mass.gov.

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Criminal History Questions To Be Removed From Mass Job Applications

A new law in Massachusetts banning most employers from asking about criminal history on an initial job application took effect November 4th. The idea is that by making it easier for those with criminal records to find employment the cases of repeat offenders will decrease. Whether you agree with this or not it’s time to reprint your applications.

If you have stacks of applications you’d rather not throw away you do have a couple of options. First is to place a sticker over the area of the application asking about criminal offenses. Second is to clearly indicate somewhere on the application that they are not to fill out that portion. Employers are still allowed to ask about criminal records within the bounds of current law, but only after the initial application has been filed. In addition, those employers who are not allowed by law to employ persons with criminal records can continue asking during the initial application as usual.

For any more questions leave us a comment or head to Wolpert.com.

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Mass Workers To Receive $653K In Training Money

Money has been awarded to 62 organizations across Massachusetts to fund safety training for upwards of 11,000 workers. According to the Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA), who oversee the Mass Workers’ Comp system, this funding will go directly to education for such activities as lifeguard training and lead paint removal.

We’ve begun offering our own training as a service to our Wolpert Insurance clients as well. It’s easy to charge you less for insurance when you work safely. Get in touch if you don’t already know more.

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MassDOT One Year Anniversary

On November 1st MassDOT celebrates it’s one year anniversary. That seems like a worthwhile time to list just a few of the things they’ve accomplished.

From the Commonwealth Conversations Transportation blog:

There are simply too many achievements this year to list here. To highlight just a few, we have:

  • Invested over $1.5 billion into our infrastructure in every corner of the state;
  • funded dozens of airport projects;
  • made important improvements in MBTA and regional bus services;
  • launched a nationally recognized open data initiative that gives people real-time information on subway and bus service;
  • adopted an award-winning environmental sustainability policy;
  • significantly increased transparency and community outreach;
  • begun safety committees with our unions;
  • started a roundtable forum to open up communication with DOT leadership;
  • adopted Massachusetts transportation’s first-ever strategic plan;
  • used our website and social media to better serve our customers in unprecedented ways;
  • reduced wait times and improved customer service at our RMV branches;
  • improved our focus on worker and public safety in every aspect of our organization

They say to keep expecting more in the future and we’ll be doing just that at Wolpert.


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New “Heavy Lift” Bridge Building Technique in Phillipston, MA

The Patrick-Murray administration’s Accelerated Bridge Program has been in effect for a while here in Massachusetts, updating our infrastructure and creating jobs for thousands of residents.

Here’s a look at some new bridge building techniques that dramatically reduce construction time and get projects from beginning to end faster than ever.

Thanks to the Commonwealth Conversations Transportation Blog for the video and as always head to Wolpert.com for anything else.


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Does My MA Garage Policy Cover A Boat?

Q: I fix small boat engines and sometimes do fiberglass repairs to boats as well; does my MA Garage Insurance Policy cover me if it is stolen or damaged while the boat is held on my premises?

A: This is a great question. It is not uncommon for garages to repair boat engines or to do fiberglass hull repairs, especially in the heavy use summer months where the season is short and the Marina operations are at their peak.

To answer this, we must turn to the language in the Garage Insurance MA policy. Under the Massachusetts Garage Insurance Policy there exists Garagekeepers Liability coverage. This coverage form is intended to respond to certain Comprehensive and Collision type claims and reads as follows:

We will pay all sums the insured legally must pay as damages for “loss” to a “customer’s auto”… left in the insured’s care while the insured is attending, servicing, repairing, parking or storing it in your “garage operations”…

Since the words “customers auto” and “garage operations” appear in quotes within the policy, this means that these terms are defined within the policy itself and are not left to the reader’s interpretation. Reviewing this language it is apparent that we now need to understand these two definitions before we can answer this question.

“Customer’s Auto” means a customer’s land motor vehicle or trailer or semitrailer. This definition also includes any “customers auto” while left with you for service, repair, storage, parking or safekeeping. Customers include your “employees” and members of their households who pay for services performed.

One might suggest that since the above definition of “Customer’s Auto” specifically includes the word “land”, the drafters of this policy contemplated that a garage may be performing services to boats or even aircraft. It appears they crafted the language specifically to address this question. Clearly from the above definition, the boat would not qualify as a “Customer’s Auto”.

The second definition that may be relevant is whether the coverage could be included as part of the Garage Operations of the insured.

“Garage Operations” means the ownership, maintenance or use of locations for the purpose of selling, servicing, repairing, parking or storing “customer’s autos” and that portion of the roads or other accesses that adjoin these locations. “Garage Operations” also include all operations necessary or incidental to the performance of garage operations.

The drafters of the insurance policy included the term “customers auto’ within the definition of “Garage Operations” and we know that a boat does not meet this definition. Therefore, this definition would also not apply to boats held at or around the insured’s location.

To properly insure the boats, an endorsement would be necessary to change these definitions within the policy or another policy may be needed to cover the exposure. Without it, you would be left to defend a claim, even if it is frivolous, and to pay any judgment or claim.

That’s where an independent agent like Wolpert Insurance can help. We specialize in auto body and repair facilities and our agents have training techniques and systems that can get your program up and running in no time. Visit us today at www.wolpert.com.

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Out-Of-State Contractors Have A New Form To File In Massachusetts

If you’re a contractor doing work in Massachusetts but your business is located in another state, the Department Of Industrial Accidents (DIA) has a new form for you.

From the DIA:

Form 154 – Verification of Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Out of State Employers Operating in Massachusetts … will be submitted to any licensing and/or permitting authority when out-of-state businesses seek permission to conduct work requiring a license or permit. This form shall be in addition to the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Affidavits already in use by said authorities.

Nothing too difficult but something you need to be sure to remember. You can download Massachusetts W.C. Form 154 by clicking that link.

For more questions about MA Workers’ Compensation rules and regulations leave us a comment or check out our Workers’ Compensation page.

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Wolpert Visits Wales Old Home Day

We showed you were to find Child ID kits so you can have all the information you need if they ever go missing. A couple weekends ago we actually went out and helped the town of Wales fill them out.

Running for over 100 years, Wales Old Home Day has been a place every summer for the town to come together for a day of fun. Parades, raffles, live music, a rock climbing wall, they were all there.

We had plenty of fun and helped more than 50 families complete their Child ID kits before the day was over.  We’re hoping to get out again in the future and do some more. Fall is the time for towns to come together in New England and we have enough fairs to prove it.

If you’re looking for a Child ID kit yourself you can click this link or find us at Wolpert.com for everything else.

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