Parents- Prom Season is Here. Are YOU Ready???

With prom season in full affect, we are reminded of the driving tragedies that too often occur on prom night. Recently, there has been some encouraging news from a 2011 teen driving study conducted by SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) that shows a decrease in these incidents. According to a recent national study of about 2300 high school students, only 6% say they have driven under the influence on prom night.

The SADD study results offer some insight into a possible reason for the limited occurences of drinking and driving by teens on prom night: policies/security measures have been put into place at most schools for these events; it has been reported that about 90% of students say their schools have programs/policies in place to keep teens from taking part in illegal behaviors such as underage drinking at school-related functions. Policies include the presence of security guards/police, organized transportation, breathalyzer tests and other programs.

Although the above reported numbers are low, the probability of such tragic events should not be over-looked.

Underage drinking is never acceptable; however these findings suggest that when schools enforce zero-tolerance measures at official functions, they can be an effective way to curb that dangerous behavior behind the wheel…on the flip side, however, the findings also suggest that when school enforcement is absent, drinking and driving is more [common]. – SADD Chairman, Stephen Wallace

For additional statistics, please visit SADD’s website.

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